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Special Mission Packages

Special Mission Packages

The Seeker is adaptable, customizable, and was designed for simple system integration. An aperture located directly under the nose permits EO/IR or other sensor mounting equipment. Sensors are mounted in the ideal location (forward of the wing, prop and landing gear) for extreme sensor visibility and protection in the operating environment. Hard points under the wing and fuselage provide additional flexibility and equipment options. A 24 volt, 70 amp electrical system is standard on the Seeker. The Seeker can be adapted to perform many different mission requirements.

Enhanced Observation and Communication Package

The Enhanced Observation and Communications package is optimal for most overland applications including: traffic monitoring, drug interdiction, human smuggling interdiction, larceny or theft prevention, search and rescue, reconnaissance, fire spotting, wildlife accountability and control, poaching interdiction, power line or pipeline surveillance, news reporting, video or photo capture, vegetation control, land management, livestock monitoring and more.

Seeker has selected a mission suite comprised of best in class components. Many operators of these systems are using exactly the same components on larger, much more expensive aircraft at a much higher cost per hour.

  • Wescam MX-10 is a stabilized electro-optical sensor. Fully Digital. High Definition. Small, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Spectral Imaging System in a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) configuration. Click here to watch video.
  • Churchill Navigation Augmented Reality System (ARS) is a mapping system for airborne applications, unique in providing the world’s first augmented reality mapping display. Click here to watch video.
  • Persistent Systems Bi-directional Datalink WAVE RELAY® is an advanced Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system designed to maintain connectivity on the move. A scalable, peer-to-peer wireless network which provides data, video, and voice in the most challenging applications. With user throughput of 41 Mbps UDP and 31.1 Mbps TCP, WAVE RELAY® provides a dynamic, reliable, and secure wireless networking solution.
  • Prewired Radios are available and Seeker offers a variety of radios to accommodate existing customer networks and Standard Operating Procedures.

Custom Package

Seeker is partnered with world class sensor manufacturers and integration organizations with a wide variety of skills and attributes. The versatility of the Seeker aircraft and our relationships allow us to provide the highest quality solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to design and deliver a custom solution for you.

  • Sensors Options
    A multitude of sensor options can be mounted on the Seeker aircraft, allowing operators to perform specialized missions or in niche commercial markets. EO-IR, Radar, Sonar, LIDAR, or many others are available.
  • Data Management and Display Systems Options
    Seeker and its partners have the skill and resources to couple the best systems to the selected sensors so you get the most efficient on board use of your data.
  • Data Storage and Transmission Options
    From on board data storage to live motion streaming, Seeker and its partners will ensure you can capture and use your data the way that you need within your mission parameters and your operations infrastructure.
  • Communication Options
    Seeker will install radios and other equipment that meet your company standards or preferences.

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