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The Seeker is a versatile, purpose built, light observation aircraft specifically designed and developed for surveillance missions. The Seeker is the most cost-effective surveillance aircraft on the market today...
The Seeker is made for one purpose – Surveillance. The Seeker was specifically designed to have more structural components aft of the cockpit to ensure the crew has unrestricted visibility. Seeker’s high lift wing, engine... Shipping Software
The Seeker is adaptable, customizable, and was designed for simple system integration. An aperture located directly under the nose permits EO/IR or other sensor mounting equipment. Sensors are mounted in the ideal location...

Seeker Aircraft is Revolutionizing Aerial Surveillance

The Seeker is a FAA Part 23 Normal Category Certified light purpose built aircraft uniquely designed for aerial observation and surveillance missions for commercial operations. The Seeker is slow flying and possesses very benign stall characteristics, making it ideal for use in aerial surveillance and aerial reconnaissance, including use as a police surveillance aircraft. The Seeker is Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) capable. The unique design of the Seeker delivers the best of fixed wing aircraft performance at a fraction of the cost of a rotary wing aircraft. Seeker Aircraft, Inc. manufactures, distributes and supports the versatile SB7L-360A and SB7L-360A2 Seeker Aircraft worldwide. Our mission is to provide the safest, most capable and most cost effective observation aircraft on the light aircraft market today. Our mission is driven by the growing demand for aerial surveillance aircraft for law enforcement, border patrol and government agencies to provide real-time information across diverse industries. Leaders at all levels of government and industry demand real-time information to understand problems and make decisions, and the Seeker offers the optimal balance of
capability and efficiency.